Product overview

In addition to the individual software, we also offer a range of advanced software products. The various software solutions are especially in the area of ​​geometry simulation and process engineering. The software products are able to close your gaps in the supply chain or make new or better ways to improve product data management / -quality and combine effectiveness with handling.

The main product is the APDM (Automatic Process Data Manager), a powerful core module, which combines many software solutions in the process chain. It manages and optimizes for example the data and information flows of systems such as Process Designer / Process Simulate, ROBCAD, RobSim and many others.

Furthermore we offer Siemens PLM (Tecnomatix) add-ons like "Safety Robots Manager",  "RPS interface" and "Topview 2D" and a range of maintenance products that are in use at the OEMs and their suppliers.

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