Maintenance Software in BMW Group

Delivery Check (New version in Sept. 2016!)

The Delivery Check was developed for the Process Simulate data exchange between the BMW Group and their suppliers. It includes the latest/new guidelines of projects and ensures data compliance for deliveries.

 Fig. 1: Delivery Check start screen

RobKalDaT (Version 3.x available on July 15th)

RobKalDaT is a powerfull tool for use on the production line. The functionality of the program focuses on the comparison between simulation and reality.

The application RobKalDaT consists of five functional areas

  1. Managing object positions and create project-specific BWM measurement reports
  2. Calculate the real (corrected) robot positions (Robot Bases) reference to object data and export to ABB (.mod) and KUKA (.src)
  3. Import security zones (ABB robot) and export of nominal / corrected data (.sys)
  4. Data comparison (Tools / Bases) between robot backup and RobKalDaT project
  5. Check deviations / existence of spot welds from all robots backups with the database export (VIP)


Fig. 2: RobKalDaT start screen