With APDM - ID-Synchronization just a few clicks away to customer-compliant product data

Current engineering projects are still in development stages, which often leads that product data is not fully available at the customer's PDM system. Thus you are forced to carry out manual data conversions, whereby these data will no longer correspond to the PDM standard.

Nevertheless, you need to restore this standard for the data return delivery. Without an intelligent software that results in a lot of manual effort, which is usually associated with very high costs.

At this point you need the APDM ID Synchronization, which can replace the manually converted data with PDM data and amortized normally within a year. You can find a calculation example in the relevant brochure.

Data analysis and correction of:

  • Vehicle and connection (MFGs) data (eM-server data directly in the Process Designer)


  • Accurate data synchronization
  • Fast synchronization
  • Consistent data
  • No redundancies
  • Data compliant to the PDM system of the customer

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