Automatic Process Data Manager

The WEST Automatic Process Data Manager (APDM) is a smart data quality and integration platform for resolving the ever-pending data management problems in the description of technical processes.

New Version in October 2016!

It provides:

  • Less demands due to high data quality
  • Saves precious project time by hedging process stability
  • Fixes reconciliation problems by controlled data
  • Accelerates the process flow by data validation
  • Improves timeliness by consistent data
  • Increases flexibility in the cooperation
  • Ensures the quality of provision


APDM is a unified software solution with strong, reusable core functions, where we dock different product solutions. The following modules are currently available:

The hallmark of the software

  • Simple menu navigation
  • Intuitive menuf unction
  • Easy interactions
  • Quick familiarization
  • Multiprocessors