Create Layout with Topview 2D

You need a 2D derivation from your Process Simulate study? For this we offer you our software product Topview 2D. The program exports various formats such as:

  • DXF
  • Robface/Component
  • JT

Other formats are possible on request.

The following 2D derivation can be created:

  • 2D layout
  • 2D layout with foundation drawing
  • 2D foundation drawing
  • 2D layout of individual objects


  • 2D layout from the current state of the simulation cell
  • Grouping of individual objects in the output format
  • Identification of the origin of each object (Self Origin)
  • Small file sizes in KB-range
  • Recursive update
  • No maintenance of the 2D Library

Costs:    4.000,-€ per license

More information at: