Robcad/Process Simulate Importer ( Update Volkswagen )

We offer a dependable solution to convert your Robcad cells for use in Process Simulate. All technical and strukture information is transferred to Process Simulate. With simple integrated technology we provide conformity with OEM specific structures in PD/PS. A big number of Cells ( no limits ) can be converted in one process and be integrated in validated structures.


We decrease your standard effort (100%) using other Tools to a minimum (5%)!


  • MoveToLibrary:Sorting ofcomponentsfrom the project directoryto the library.
  • UpgradeToVersion: Creating JT-files.
  • Create Engineering Library: Process Simulate functions
  • Export to eM-Server: Creating XML file with resource and part structures that will be imported in Process Simulate.

Update ( v1.3.0.0 )


  • Import KRC and VKRC attributes for Robots, Paths and Locations.
  • Import Tool and Bases as System Frames (only KRC and VKRC).
  • Copy the robot machine data files from the _rrs folder to the RobotsMachineDataFiles folder (only KRC and VKRC).
  • Add a setting-file for olp attributes, controllers and machine data files (RPSInterface\RobcadToServer\scripts\robcad_ps_settings.dat).
  • Import collision pairs.
  • Optimize import time.
  • Import weld locations with weld points without part attachment.
  • Optimize the search for robot and path match.
  • Show the number of warnings and errors in the Status column.


Bug Fix:

  • If an locations was added to more than one path (in Robcad), and import it into PS. The order of the locations in the path is wrong.

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